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Assessment and Rehabilitation of Timber Structures
Assessment and Rehabilitation of Timber Structures

3 hour course, TBC


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3 hour course, TBC

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£105+ VAT

Given society's aspirations for a more sustainable built environment, it is the responsibility of civil engineers to preserve our existing structures for as long as possible and to avoid unnecessary deconstruction and demolition.

Structural assessment includes all activities performed to verify the reliability of existing structures for future use. Inspections and detailed on-site investigations of the structure can be used to update knowledge of the structure's properties and to identify deterioration and damage.

The information serves as the basis for structural analysis and verification of structural reliability. The review provides the basis for decision making on interventions such as repair and reinforcement. It is also possible to upgrade the structure to improve its structural performance and meet changing demands.

Routine maintenance plans should be established to maintain adequate structural performance, and monitoring can be performed to observe the structural condition.

The webinar will cover
1. Maintenance and assessment of timber structures
2. Rehabilitation and reinforcement of timber structures
3. Design guidance for existing structures
4. Examples


Robert Jockwer is Assistant Professor for Timber Structures at the Division of Structural Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He did his PhD at ETH Zurich in Switzerland on the topic of reinforcement of timber structures by means of self-tapping screws. More recently he focuses in his research on the structural behaviour of high-performance connections, the reliability of timber structures and connections, the robustness of tall timber buildings and also circularity in timber engineering. Robert is delegate in the international committee for the revision of Eurocode 5 CEN TC250 SC5 and contributed to the new draft of the chapters on connections and reinforcement. Robert is co-founder of Timber Hub AB, which provides consulting services in timber construction and wood products for the international market.


Robert Jockwer




Attendance certificates are available on request after the completion of the webinar.


The format of this event will be a webinar using "Zoom Webinars".

There will be opportunity to interact with the lecturer throughout the session, both though allocated Q&A sessions, or leaving text based questions throughout the presentation which the lecturer will be able to answer at convenient opportunities.


The cost of registering for this webinar will be £105+VAT​.

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