Introduction to Fatigue in Bridges
Introduction to Fatigue in Bridges


This virtual course will be split into two parts over two afternoon sessions:

Introduction to Fatigue – Part 1 (Principles and Guidelines)
This webinar will provide an introduction into the principles of fatigue in structures. It will cover the basic background on cyclic loading, fatigue physical processes, factors affecting fatigue behaviour within the context of structural engineering. The basis for fatigue design and assessment codes will be discussed within the context of fatigue damage and remaining life estimation.

Introduction to Fatigue – Part 2 (Fatigue Damage and Remaining Life Estimation)
This webinar will build up from Part 1 and will introduce fatigue load models for bridges and review fatigue-critical bridge details. Two case study examples including the fatigue design of new bridges & fatigue assessment of existing bridges will be demonstrated.


Dr Boulent Imam is a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Structures at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the University of Surrey and Programme Director for the MSc Programme in Bridge Engineering. He has been extensively involved in the area of fatigue of bridges, carrying out research in this area collaborating with national and European infrastructure owners and managers, such as Network Rail, Highways England, TWI. His research has contributed towards in-depth understanding of the fatigue behaviour of riveted railway bridges and developed methods for more reliable quantification of their remaining fatigue life taking into account historical rail traffic, novel fatigue assessment methods, loading, resistance and modelling uncertainties as well as system effects. Later on, Dr imam extended his work on fatigue towards developing fracture mechanics guidelines for the assessment of fatigue crack growth in steel bridge details towards the optimisation of inspection and maintenance planning in steel bridges. Recently, Dr Imam research has expanded towards understanding the potential impacts of climate change on bridge deterioration and quantifying the resilience of bridge infrastructure against extreme events.


Boulent Imam




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