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Introduction to Fatigue in Bridges
Introduction to Fatigue in Bridges



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Fatigue is a type of failure that can occur in a bridge due to the repeated loading and unloading that it experiences over time. Fatigue failure can be particularly dangerous in bridges because it can occur without any visible signs of damage. This means that a bridge that appears to be structurally sound can still be at risk of failure due to fatigue. When a bridge fails due to fatigue, it can lead to catastrophic consequences, including the collapse of the bridge and the loss of life.

The course aims to provide an introduction to the fatigue in bridge structures, and the effects this can have on bridges. It will begin with an introduction to the types fatigue factors encountered in metals to help the learner to confidently build up their knowledge, before turning towards bridge specific fatigue issues. Areas covered will include

1. Introduction to Fatigue in Structures
Areas to be covered will include cyclic loading, stress concentrations, stress-life S-N curves, fatigue physical processes, factors affecting fatigue behaviour

2. Fatigue in Bridges
Areas to be covered will include bridge loading, basis fatigue design/assessment codes, fatigue damage and remaining life estimation, behaviour of welded/riveted details, fatigue-critical details in bridges

3. Overview of Fatigue Inspection and Repair Methods
Fatigue inspection methods that can detect surface as well as buried cracks will be reviewed, briefly discussing their principles of application as well as their detection capabilities. Fatigue repair and strengthening methods for reducing the criticality of fatigue cracks or arresting fatigue crack propagation will also be briefly demonstrated

4. Fatigue Damage Calculation Case Study Examples
Detailed calculations on how to estimate fatigue damage accumulation and remaining fatigue life for the purposes of fatigue design of new bridges as well as assessment of existing bridges will be demonstrated through a number of case study examples


Dr Boulent Imam is an Associate Professor (Reader) at the School of Sustainability, Civil and Environmental Engineering in the University of Surrey and Programme Director for the MSc Programmes in Bridge Engineering and Infrastructure Engineering and Management.

His main area of expertise is the whole-life performance assessment of bridges. He has extensively researched in the area of fatigue of bridges with collaborations with national and European infrastructure owners and managers, such as Network Rail, Highways England, TWI. His research has contributed towards in-depth understanding of the fatigue behaviour of riveted railway bridges and developed methods for more reliable quantification of their remaining fatigue life including detailed historical rail traffic models, novel numerical fatigue assessment methods, probabilistic modelling and reliability assessment. Dr Imam’s work on fatigue also encompasses the development of fracture mechanics guidelines for the assessment of fatigue crack growth in steel bridge details towards the optimisation of inspection and maintenance planning in steel bridges.

Recently, Dr Imam’s research has expanded towards assessing the potential impacts of climate change on bridge deterioration and quantifying the resilience of bridge infrastructure against extreme events, including bridge scour and flooding. He has served as a member of prestigious international committees (IABSE, IABMAS) and within the editorial board of high-profile journals. He has delivered Keynote lectures and has participated in scientific committees of major international conferences.


Boulent Imam




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The format of this event will be a webinar using "Zoom Webinars".


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Dr Imam was extremely knowledgeable and made the course content very accessible.

Despite the mathematical complexity this topic presents, it was presented in a very clear and plainly manner. The content was very well delivered.

Easy to log on, good connection, very well presented and easy to follow.
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