Design of Glass Structures
Design of Glass Structures

3rd March 2022 - 14:30-17:30 GMT

As a popular material in buildings, glass is able to take the form of facades, roofs, or other load-bearing elements. Several aspects, however, need harmonized design rules and recommendations in support of professional engineers. Moreover, several accidental loads and extreme actions may variably affect the structural performance of glass elements and structures, and thus require specific methods of analysis to ensure fail-safe design. In most of the cases, major issues derive from the combination of a relatively high slenderness of glass members with a typical tensile brittle behaviour of the material.

This webinar will explore the major mechanical features of load-bearing glass elements under various loading and boundary configurations. The final hour of the webinar will conclude with a dedicated look at practical experiences and design examples of glass structures in buildings, with a focus on technical issues and modelling solutions.


Chiara is Assistant Professor at University of Trieste, Department of Engineering and Architecture (Italy), where she chairs the course of 'Structural Analysis'. PhD degree in 2012, her research activity is mostly focused on the analysis of structural glass solutions, including experimental investigations, the definition of analytical formulations in support of design, or the refined numerical analysis of glass / hybrid systems. Since 2009, she is involved in various European or international projects and networks (JRC-ERNCIP, NATO-SPS, COST, etc.), most of them related to glass structures under extreme loads such as explosions, fire events or earthquakes. Editor-in-Chief for the open access International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Materials Research. Co-author of several scientific papers and book chapters, she contributed to the definition of various technical documents and guidelines. Among others, the Italian CNR-DT 210 technical document for the design and verification of structural glass members (with a focus on buckling-related issues).


Chiara Bedon




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