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Winding down for the summer? Not a chance, now the real work begins!

This last month saw us successfully host our first courses in Amsterdam (Corrosion of Offshore Wind Structures) and Brussels (Progressive Collapse in Concrete Structures). This was a great opportunity for us which we thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to all our new attendees and suppliers, we will definitely be back and look forward to revisiting these areas later in the year as well as some others.

However, June is now upon us and our current run of workshops are coming to an end. Tomorrow we will be running our Fire Resistance in Steel Structures workshop in London,which will be the last event until September. It may seem like we're taking the summer off but quite the opposite.

Over the next month we will be working hard to ensure we have a full schedule of in place for the autumn, with an array of new workshops joining the current roster.

If there are any of our workshops you would like to see in a location near you, now is the time to speak up (also if there is something you would like to see us offer that we are currently not then get in touch, we are always happy to receive suggestions.

To keep updated you can contact or subscribe to our mail list and see you in September!

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