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Resilience In Critical Infrastructure Management
Resilience In Critical Infrastructure Management



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The exposure of critical infrastructure to natural hazards, have severe consequences on world economies and societies. Therefore, risk and resilience assessment of infrastructure assets are of paramount importance for maintaining their functionality.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the concept of risk and resilience assessment of critical infrastructure, and will cover

1. The main components of risk and resilience
2. Quantifications of tCO2e towards improving the sustainability of critical infrastructure
3. Damage modes, fragility/vulnerability analysis, loss assessment (direct/indirect)
4. Mitigation measures and decision-making for networks
5. The value of digital data, and the use of emerging technologies in the design and assessment of infrastructure

The course is aligned to SDGs 9,11,13 and in support of the UK’s and the EU’s strategic priorities for: (i) Climate-resilient infrastructure; (ii) UK fit for the digital era, (iii) the HM Government Global Britain in a competitive age, and the 4) EPSRC priority for a Resilient Nation.


Dr Stergios Aristoteles Mitoulis is an Associate Professor, Senior Fellow and Head of FutureStructures -the Structures Research Group of the University of Birmingham. His expertise is in climate resilience, sustainability, and digitalisation of critical infrastructure with focus on transport and energy infrastructure. During his academic career he has supervised more than 20 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. He has published extensively with a publication record exceeding 200 papers in leading scientific journals, reports, conferences and book chapters. He is known for his expertise in bridges. He is a member of the BSI B/525/10 CEN/TC250/HG-Bridges, the BSI Mirror Group of Eurocodes, and UK delegate of the BSI (CEN/TC250/SC8 Work Group 6, Bridges) for the design and retrofit of bridges, the BSI committee B/525/8 and B/538/5, the Workgroup 11 of the EAEE and the IABSE TG1.8. He is serving as Editor in Chief and also has editorial and reviewing responsibilities for more than 50 reputed journals. He has served as an evaluator for EPSRC, UKRI and HORIZON/EU. He delivers seminars at consultancies and CPD as an official lecturer of the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK. He has an extensive presence in the news of leading news agencies, including the BBC.

He has a sustained record of grant-winning amounting to more than £5 million of funding which he received by the UKRI and Horizon Europe. He led and won recently the € 1.65 million MSCA-SE-2021 ReCharged project, leads part of the € 5 million HORIZON-CL5-2023-D4-01-01 ZEBAI project and leads the pilots of the a € 2.5 million HORIZON-MISS-2021-CLIMA-02 the RISKADAPT project, all commenced in 2023.


Stergios Aristoteles Mitoulis




Attendance certificates are available on request after the completion of the webinar.


The format of this event will be a webinar using "Zoom Webinars".


The cost of registering for this webinar will be £105+VAT​.

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An excellent day of training provided by Dr Mitoulis resilience, with plenty of valuable takeaways on the subject matter to research further.

The presenter clearly knew their material very well & were enthusiastic.

The presentation was made in such a way that the principles were very much transferrable across a number of different asset types.

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