Fire Design of Engineered Wood Structures

10th November 2020 - 13:00-15:00 GMT

Wood structures are able to offer an abundance of benefits in the design of construction industry. They offer a quick, cost effective and alternative to other construction materials, and perhaps most importantly in todays climate, provide one of the greener construction alternatives. However with this choice, designers need to ensure they fully understand the risks associated with timber, with fire protection being a key aspect of this.

Over the course of the webinar the following areas will be covered.

1. Existing fire design models from Eurocode 5 and the improved design models proposed for the new version of Eurocode 5

2. Design of glulam, LVL and cross-laminated timber for standard fires

3. The protection provided by gypsum plasterboard

4. New design models for I-joists & the effect of adhesives in fire

Alar Just

Alar Just is a professor of structural engineering at Tallinn University of Technology and a researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. He completed his dissertation on fire resistance of timber frame assemblies in 2010. From 2010 he has worked as a researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden where his research is related to fire resistance of

timber structures. He has conducted more than 200 fire tests and is currently supervising 3 PhD students in the field of fire resistance of timber structures. Other than RISE ad Tallinn University, he has regular courses at Linneaus University and London City University. Dr Just is also a reviewer for several scientific journals, in the scientific board of the conferences Structures in Fire, Wood Building Forum, and Wood and Fire. Dr Just was a core group member of COST Action FP1404 “Fire safe use of bio-based building products” and is a head of Estonian delegation in CEN TC 250 SC 5. He is member of TC250 - SC5.T4 project team, drafting the next generation of EN 1995-1-2.


Attendance certificates are available on request after the completion of the webinar.


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