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Bonded Repairs for Offshore Structures
Bonded Repairs for Offshore Structures



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Offshore structures are subjected to a number of actions which can eventually lead to structural failure. One option for repairing these damages is the use of bonded repairs. This webinar will aim to provide attendees with a precise understanding of the technical & regulatory information that apply to offshore repairs using bonded solutions, and will demonstrate this with an industrial example.

Bureau Veritas will take the first half of the presentation and will aim to provide an Introduction to bonded repairs. After establishing the basics, the presentation will then cover reliability problems and qualification steps (Preliminary assessment, Requirement definition, Strength analysis etc..) before concluding.

COLD PAD will then demonstrate how a solution of theirs (ColdShield) fullfills the qualification necessities, and addresses the technical and regulatory requirements by detailing the design, manufacturing & installation process involved in the bonded repair process. Finally COLD PAD and Bureau Veritas will close with a joint presentation (a case study previewing an FPSO deck repair carried out), before opening up the floor for a Q&A session with attendees.


Luc Mouton is Project Manager in the Composite Materials Section within Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore. The team is dedicated in leading and participating to composites and adhesives R&D projects to support their development within the Marine and Offshore field. Before joining the R&D team in 2017, he has been involved for 10 years in structural analysis and design appraisal of steel and composite structure of marine ships, offshore production units and marine renewable installation systems. He participates in cooperative research projects in composite and adhesive since 2009, like EU-CoPatch, FIBRESHIP, MEVEF, REALTIDE, QUALIFY, FIBREGY. Recently, he was in charge of the certification of ColdShield bonded repairs from concept approval to design review, independent calculations analysis and witnessing the on-board repair application on an offshore unit moored in Western Africa. He now is Technical Coordinator for the Joint Industrial research Project Strength Bond Offshore studying the effectiveness of strength predictions of bonded repairs for the Naval and Offshore structures. And, he works actively in a group of engineers preparing the to come NR613 “Rules for adhesively bonded joints” from Bureau Veritas. More info on Bureau Veritas available at their website:

Xabier Errotabehere is the Chief Technical Officer of COLD PAD. He joined the Company in 2013 as Materials Engineers in charge of development and certification of the first product commercialized by COLD PAD, named ColdShield. Through his Materials Engineering background, his PhD thesis and his first professional experience within RESCOLL Company, he gained experience in non-metallic materials engineering & processes, and more particularly on adhesively bonded technology. Between 2016 and 2019, he managed first FPSO hull repair projects using ColdShield bonded reinforcement, from design to offshore installation on-board offshore units moored in offshore Western Africa. Provided as an alternative to “crop & renew” solution, these projects have been submitted to Classification Societies review and witnessing for all projects steps: design, manufacturing and offshore installation. Xabier has taken the head of Industrialization & Operations division within COLD PAD and is leading ISO9001 Quality Management System of the Company.


Luc Mouton


Xabier Errotabehere



Attendance certificates are available on request after the completion of the webinar.


The format of this event will be a webinar using "Zoom Webinars".

There will be opportunity to interact with the lecturer throughout the session, both though allocated Q&A sessions, or leaving text based questions throughout the presentation which the lecturer will be able to answer at convenient opportunities.


The cost of registering for this webinar will be £55+VAT​.

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