Progressive Collapse in Steel Structures

This course will aim to offer insight into the technical considerations those involved with progressive collapse of steel structures should consider. Several areas will be covered leaving delegates with a more rounded appreciation of progressive collapse, including an overview of the relevant design codes engineers should be aware of, and the latest analysis techniques. Throughout the course, tutorials and practical considerations will be used to consolidate the knowledge gained by the attendees and gauge their understanding.



Eurocode 1, DoD and GSA on progressive collapse

An introduction to design guidelines on progressive collapse across the world

Steel frame buildings under fire, blast or impact loading

A look at collapse incidents and the causes of the collapse

Steel structures designed to resist progressive collapse

An overview of the requirements for robustness of buildings in the design guidelines & Design methods: indirect design, direct design method, and acceptance criteria.

Progressive collapse analysis methods, introducing how to use sap2000 or Etabs to perform progressive analysis

An overview of structural analysis procedures using different software

Design guidance for explosion and fire resistance

An overview of the techniques and general guidelines for the design of structures resistant to fire, and determining blast loads and their affects on the structure

Latest Analysis techniques for fire and blast loading

This section will cover:

The latest analysis techniques for structural response to blast load using a greenfield project design study (Wall response for spatial and temporal consideration of blast load), and a brownfield project assessment (Global topside response, Living Quarters 'shield' wall & closely spaced walls)

The latest analysis techniques for structural response to fire load from a greenfield project design (Topside fire analysis & PFP optimisation) & a Brownfield project assessment (Deck fire analysis).

Learning review of blast loads and structural response

A review of blast loads and structural response from 1988 to present

Example of Blast Analysis on WHP topside structure.

An example of blast analysis in an offshore WHP topside structure  aswell as final conclusions and a summary



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