Corrosion Management of Surface Vessels

Corrosion of surface vessels is a huge issue, costing millionsper year to operators.  If companies were able to better understand and address corrosion issues then these savings would contribute to a much leaner industry. A refusal to face these challenges head on can lead to increased costs, increased down time and increased dismantling .


This course aims to ensure that some of these issues can be addressed by increasing the awareness and capabilities of those involved in the corrosion process. Upon attending this course it is expected the attendee will have a better understanding of the theory behind offshore corrosion and the effects it can have on surface vessels, as well as the practical understanding on how this can be monitored, detected, protected and mitigated, engineers will be better equipped to understand and deal with the corrosion of surface vessels.

This will help companies to reevaluate their current monitoring, surveying and route of action when dealing with vessel corrosion. It will provide an opportunity to identify key changes that could be made due to an increased awareness amongst employees of the issues and practical options available in the monitoring, detection and assessment of corrosion.



Introduction to Offshore Corrosion


Contributing Factors to Corrosion of Surface Vessels


Evaluating Corrosion Performance of Surface Vessels


Corrosion Tutorials



Monitoring and Detection of Corrosion in Surface Vessels


Corrosion Protection and Mitigation for Surface Vessels


Case Studies Addressing Dectection,  Monitoring and Assessment of Corrosion


Practical Application of Dectection,  Monitoring and Assessment of Corrosion




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