Composite Repair of Offshore Structures

Offshore structures are subject to variety of actions which can eventually lead to structural failure. To combat this, composites are becoming a popular option to repair these damaged structures as well as to rehabilitate structures. Composites now offer a cost-effective means repair and/or strengthen structures made of steel, concrete or other materials. Composites are increasingly being used to repair structures built with other materials.


The workshop would begin with an overview of composites in the offshore environment and will be followed by with some detailed case studies and examples looking at the application side.



Composite repairs for offshore structures – Context                                        

Discussion about the situation of floating offshore units, threat and interest of composite bonded repairs. Existing products, comparison of pipe repairs and hull repairs.


Main threats on composite repairs, in the particular case of Marine & offshore structure            

Adhesive bonding is a special process, what does it mean? Quality aspects about composite bonded repairs. The reality of an offshore unit.


Regulatory background, Marine and others         

Overview of the existing marine rules about composite repairs, composite in marine, and adhesive. Elements of standards from other industries.


Generalities on strength & Durability             

Classical approaches in marine bonding. Specificity of the hull girder stress. Remark on robustness of strength criteria.

Generalities on durability. Consideration about ageing, possible ways forward in ageing approaches and durability.


General Overview of composite patch repairs (COMPA)

Regulatory framework from classification societies and technology qualification requirements and procedures. Recommendations on when to apply the carbon fibre composites for the repair of marine structures.


COMPA patch design and application

A look at patch design and case-to-case analysis using different software packages, procedure of the patch manufacturing and on-board installation using different alternatives.


COMPA patch testing and monitoring

An introduction to bonding strength tests, large scale tests and tests on board a vessel.


COMPA patch repair examples

Overview of the large-scale repairs of pipes and tanks, small-scale repair cases and emergency repairs.


Future outlook

COMPA technology qualification progress with DNVGL. Threats, qualification plan and tests to be performed in the near future.



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